I help people find immediate and dramatic relief from the debt that is overwhelming them.

During the course of my 30 plus year legal career, I have dealt with almost every conceivable consumer bankruptcy issue. We have helped hundreds of individuals and business owners with their financial problems. We can formulate a solution to whatever your unique financial problem may be, whether caused by bad investments, unpaid taxes, or personal debt.

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Services Include

Personal & Business Bankruptcy

For many, Chapter 7 is the best solution, which discharges most of their debts. For those others a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which requires a limited repayment of debts, is better. For Businesses that wish to reorganize, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy may be the proper solution.

Chapter 7 – Liquidation

In Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, your assets are liquidated to pay off your debts. You might be concerned that you’ll be left with nothing, but bankruptcy law doesn’t let this happen. Chapter 7 bankruptcy law is complicated. I can guide you through the process, examine possible exemptions and get you back on track.

Chapter 11 – Reorganization

Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides a way for both individuals and businesses to get a fresh financial start when debts become unmanageable. Chapter 11 gives the debtor a fresh start, subject to the debtor’s fulfillment of its obligations under a plan of reorganization.

Chapter 13 – Individual Debt Adjustment

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is known as a reorganization bankruptcy. Instead of selling off all relevant assets to pay creditors, people who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy set up repayment plans that use their income to gradually eliminate their debts. I can help you navigatate the rules and eligibility requirements.


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